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A complete personal safety education

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Actively Safe provides personal safety training that is effective, realistic and achievable so that you can go about your everyday life feeling confident.

The modern world that we live in is exciting, fast-paced and full of opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is not perfect, and that means recognising  that threats and risks to our personal safety exist.  Actively Safe delivers practical personal safety training based upon three underpinning principles:

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The emotional responses and processes required to be able to de-escalate and ultimately survive a threatening situation. Mindset is an essential element of your personal safety tactics.


As a last resort we need the physical skills to escape a threat.  These skills need to be effective yet simple enough for anyone to recall in situations of high emotional distress. Techniques practised must be aligned with instinctive reactions.


At a very basic level this means knowing what is going on around us. By training awareness you improve your ability to recognise impending threats and respond with the most appropriate reaction.

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