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Woman doing Self Defense


We would love to deliver personal safety and self defence services to you / your organisation.  Please take a look at the different groups that we have worked with to develop mental and physical skills to prepare for unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

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''Thank you so much for running this course.  I can't believe how much great stuff we learnt and you were absolutely fantastic in your teaching.  It all made such practical sense and we definitely had a few laughs!  I would 100% recommend this to every lady out there.''

Women's self defence courses

''This should be taught in all schools!''

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Schools & youth groups

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Private groups & 1-2-1 training

''I can't recommend Annabel and the course enough. Annabel's calm and friendly manner makes the uncomfortable subject and situations why you might need Self Defence really accessible. Just having the time and space to talk about these tough circumstances allows you to open up to learning how you can empower and defend yourself and really importantly she gives you practical, simple tools for a number of different scenarios.

I came away from this course feeling empowered, that I had techniques and knowledge that meant I could defend and protect myself.

Annabel teaches in a really clear, no nonsense, extremely knowledgeable way. Just knowing how to protect and defend yourself properly is a revelation and a must everyone.''

''I have absolutely loved this course, thank you so much for running it and being such a fantastic teacher.''

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Teen workshops

Mother & daughter workshops

''I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday's session.  It was so useful and the mother/daughter session worked really well - it benefitted us both and was fun and a good experience to share, but is also something we can talk about and practice together going forward to make sure we don't forget it.  Thank you!''

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