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Our courses and workshops

At Actively Safe we deliver personal safety and self defence courses throughout Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

All our courses and workshops are tailored to the specific requirements of those attending, whether it be children taking their first steps towards independence by walking to school themselves; teenagers embarking on an exciting new chapter of life at university or taking a gap year; or adults going about their day to day activities from home life, to life in the working environment.


Courses are delivered by qualified self defence instructors who are accredited by the National Federation of Personal Safety. All instructors are CRB checked.

Who we teach

We offer the following personal safety training

  • Primary school workshops

  • Secondary school workshops

  • Corporate workshops

  • Women’s self defence courses

  • Family self defence courses

  • Private / small group self defence tuition

Kids with adults practicing effective te

What will I learn?

The ability to effectively manage your personal safety encompasses many different aspects. When attending one of our workshops or courses you can expect to gain an understanding of the following:

  • The law in relation to self defence and your legal rights.

  • Your physiological response when faced with a threat, how this impacts your ability to respond and how to manage these physiological and emotional responses in order to overcome the threat.

  • What situational awareness is, how it can be improved and how to reduce the risk of being viewed as a ‘target’, including how to adopt positive body language and use your voice effectively.

  • The importance of your mindset when faced with a threat and how to develop a survival mindset and make it your first form of self defence.

  • Physical self defence skills that are realistic and effective for all levels of ability in situations of high emotional distress

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