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Personal safety education in


Actively Safe delivers workshops in primary and secondary schools, designed to educate students on how to adopt a healthy mindset towards personal safety, and manage risk in different scenarios in order to stay safe.

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Workshop topics

All workshops delivered are tailored to the specific requirements of the school.  Workshop topics include:

  • Fundamental personal safety principles

  • Managing risk taking behaviour

  • Handling aggression and peer pressure

  • The impact of drugs, alcohol and sexting on personal safety

  • Aggression management and self regulation

  • How and where to seek help

  • Understanding use of force and the law

  • Preparing for secondary school

  • Gap year personal safety

  • Starting university personal safety

  • Breakaway techniques

Why book a workshop?

With children and young people disproportionately likely to be victims of crime, it is an essential life skill for our younger generation to be able to develop strategies to effectively manage challenging situations.  By booking an Actively Safe workshop your school and students will benefit.

For your students, they will gain:

  • The self confidence to predict, assess and manage risk in local and new environments

  • Sense of responsibility for their own safety

  • A positive attitude towards maintaining a healthy and resilient mindset

  • Skills to tangibly defend themselves against physical attacks

For your school, you will gain:

  • Delivery of the 'personal safety' aspects of the PSHE curriculum

  • A deliverable designed to specifically meet the needs of your students

  • The ability to address anti-social behaviour, and targeted work with children engaged in risk taking behaviour / groups that are vulnerable 


'As we fully encourage and support independent life skills for our students, it was fantastic to be part of Annabel's self defence classes and to witness first hand the difference this has made to our student's self confidence.

Even though some of our students find language communication and social interaction difficult, it was amazing to see how well they learnt some of the more complex moves.  This is due to Annabel's clear instructions and practical use of resources to hand, not to mention the fun and interactive way in which sessions are delivered at a pace that is suitable to each group.'

Teacher, Moor House School
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